The Steps of Customizing Cars in CarX Street apk


CarX street is the most popular racing game in the world, mostly in the young generation. If you want to increase your creativity as well as racing experience you have to look after your car and customize it according to your desire. Customization is the most important part of the game in which you can customize the Car performance, Car speed, Color, Lights, and many other features.

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Carx Street

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Customize Cars on CarX street 

Accessing the Garage

Firstly, you should go to the Garage because the garage has a toolbox that consists of many modification features for the customization of the car, from the garage, you can easily view your all cars and easily choose the car that you want to customize.

Customizing your Car

After going to the Garage, you should start customizing your car, by using your creativity and racing experience you can customize your car by using different types of customization such as;

  • Visual Customization 
  • Performance Customization 
  • Make your Design 
  •  Testing 
  • Improve Customization 

Visual Customization 

CarX Street provides a large variety of visual customization such as;

  • Body kits 
  • Paints and wraps
  • Wheels and tires 
  • Decals and stickers 
  • Neon lights 
Body kits 

Visual Customization has many body kits by using these body kits you can change your car’s appearance according to you, body kits include bold bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers.

Paints and wraps 

You can also change the color of your car according to your desire, you can also take ideas from your rivals to choose better colors and use wraps to enhance your car design and make it more attractive. 

Wheels and tires 

You can also change your wheels with more accurate and elegant wheels which can work properly as you want, you can also choose different types and sizes of tires and wheels with unique designs for powerful appearance.

Decals and stickers 

You can also use decals and stickers to make your car more attractive.

Neon lights 

You can make your car better by using neon lights which are useful when you drive at night. You can also install light kits under the car to make your car more aesthetic and strong.

Performance Customization

CarX Street also offers performance customization for their players means that you can upgrade your car performance as you want by customizing performance features including;

  • Engine Upgrades 
  • Suspension and Brakes
  • Transmission 
  • Use lighter wheels
  • Nitrous System 
Engine Upgrades

First of all, you have to maintain the most important part of your car, such as the engine. It improves your car’s performance as well as makes your car stronger than before.

Suspension and Upgrades 

After maintaining the engine of the car you have to focus on car suspension and Brakes, which enhance your car’s stopping power as well as adjust the handling of the car.


Upgrade the transmission to ensure the acceleration and speed of the car.

Use lighter wheels

It is a very important aspect of the car, that you must have to use the lighter wheels, it also maintains the acceleration of the car.

Nitrous System

You can also use a nitrous System to eliminate short cracks of speed during the race.

Make your Designs

CarX Street provides a facility to use your creativity and make your design as you want, which makes the car more attractive. CarX Street appreciates the creativity of their players if you create a design and you want to be an expert in designing the cars, CarX Street must include these designs and attract the other players with this creativity and uniqueness of the cars which is the positive aspect for the players as well as for the game.

Testing the Customization

Testing plays a crucial role in customization because testing is very important if you customize your car, you have to check it before using it on a track. If there is any problem with any part, appearance, or performance then you have to go again in the garage to make it better. If you are satisfied then you will introduce it in the game.

Improve your Customization with time 

This step involves, you have to improve your customization as time passes because features and components of the car will be upgraded from time to time and if you do not improve your customization you will become a loser, and your competitors will win the game by upgrading their customization with the time.


In Conclusion, we can see, how customization can facilitate the player, by enhancing the performance as well as speed of the car as the player wants, it will also attract the other players to play the game by its outstanding features and customization package.

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