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Download CarX Street IOS (Latest Version V1.3.0)


June 25, 2024

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Car Street

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CarX Street L.L.C


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You know, CarX Street is going to be popular day by day. It is becoming more joyful and entertaining for the players. Due to the popularity of its Android version, we’re introducing Carx Street IOS. We also see that people with iPhones, iPods, and iPads face difficulties. Therefore, we developed and introduced an iOS version of the game. if you want to play without any restrictions and need unlimited money then play Carx Street Mod Apk.

Carx Street Ios banner

Racing openly in the world of carx street, face the challenges of street races, and tune your dream car to meet all the challenges. Keep sharpening your drifting and racing skills to keep from crashing.

Discover every corner of the vast world of CarX Street and feel the excitement of thrilling car races. Meet the club’s goals, maintain your top speed, and enhance the art of your drifting skills!

Key Features of CarX Street IOS


  1. You have to choose between driving as fast as possible or sliding around corners.
  2. You must show everyone you’re the best driver by joining clubs, beating bosses, and proving your skills in the city!
  3. Must upgrade your vehicle with selected parts to unlock its full potential.
  4. Purchase houses for your cars and gather collections for each race mode.
game play of carx street ios

Improved Car tuning

Compared to its Android version, the tuning of cars is now fully improved. And now, there’s no need to worry because iPhone users can experience this game joyfully.

Visual Car Tuning

The visual car tuning has enhanced the interior and exterior look of the car. It will be very much entertainment for the racers and may improve their driving ability. It will provide a realistic environment to attract players or iPhone users to this game.

carx street IOS visuals

Realistic Mobile Racing Game

Due to all its exciting features, this game has become a realistic mobile racing game. that is the most athletic game. If one wants to become an athlete first, experience this game, which will prove very helpful for him.

Pros And Cons of CarX Street IOS

Pros and Cons of Carx Street IOS are elaborated below:


Improved AI: Due to some errors in the AI of the Android version, we’ve improved the AI of this version. So, the players can experience better gameplay.

Better Car Customization Options: Several best car Several best car customization options are available in this game. Because this is the one game for iOS, this will prove to be an attraction for racers

Large map: It is a great advantage for those players who are lovers of race. Because of large maps, the long gameplay will be very entertaining for players.

Real estate Features: As we discussed, this game would provide a realistic environment that a race lover wishes for. Therefore, it proved to be an advantage for racers.


Requires High-performing device: According to the creators of this game, this game is not suitable for Android devices. It requires a high-performing device like an iPhone or MacBook (iOS).

Requirements For CarX Street

Free Space

The device should have free space for the installation of this game. Otherwise, the game won’t work due to insufficient space.

Operating Systems

This game only requires iOS devices and is incompatible with others like Android OS. This requirement is a must for this game.

Compatible Devices: iPhone/ iPa/ iPod

Internet Connection

This game requires a stable Internet connection to work. In an unstable connection, this game won’t work.

How to Download of CarX street On IOS

Hit the download button given top of the Article for downloadable content.

download Carx Street for the IOS version and start your racing journey with carx street.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, CarX street is easily available on PC and completely free without any payment. Must Read Carx Street For PC.

The Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra, BMW M4 are the best drifting cars in CarX street. For more detail for Carx Street best Cars read this Carx Street Best Cars.

Yes, all features of the ios version are the same as the Android version.

Carx Technology L.L.C released the game on a tested basis for Russia, Belarus and UKraine.

To get unlimited money download carx street mod apk version.

Yes! you can connect the controller to your iPhone with Bluetooth and C port device.


I installed Carx Street IOS after looking at the key features and characteristics. I used this game and was very satisfied with it. Therefore, I recommend that all iPhone users play this game. 

After this, I concluded that everyone using iOS must play this game. I guarantee that you’ll be very thankful to me. And, if you don’t like this type of game, you must play it a single time. Then, you’ll realize the reason for its popularity.

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