Carx Street vs Carx Highway Racing

Carx Street vs Carx Highway Racing are racing games with outstanding features. We can see the detailed Comparison of both games below:

Carx Street is an open-world game with a whole journey of racing. It engages the players with the racing. It usually focuses on street racing. Carx Street offers a unique twist; you are not only a racer but also a car architect because carx Street offers a customization feature for its players. after playing carx Street, you also love to play carx street mod apk unlimited money.

carx street vs carx highway racing

On the other hand, CarX highway racing is a bundle of thrilling adventures; you can experience high-speed racing with various adventures on global highways. It is an arcade-style racing game.

The gameplay of Carx street vs Carx highway racing

CarX Street is a city-based game that usually focuses on street racing. You can also enjoy different gaming modes, whereas CarX highway racing focuses on highway racing, which has a high traffic volume and a high chance of accidents. Still, it depends on the expertise of the player.

Features Comparison of Carx street vs Carx highway racing

CarX street features

Urban Racing

CarX Street provides a wide open-world city racing with dynamic environments and weather conditions. It is also helpful for street racing, drag duels, and drifting challenges against other players.

Drift Mechanics

CarX Street also makes you the master of drifting, meaning you’ll become an expert in the art of drifting. With the drifting skill, you can gain benefits in different racing missions.


Customization is the best feature provided by car Street for its players. You can unlock a wide variety of cars with mode APK. These cars are real-world licensed. So that, you can use or customize your car according to your needs.

Story mode

CarX Street keeps the player busy with the 3D graphics and compelling storyline to properly engage the player with the game. It is a very helpful feature that greatly benefits the game.


CarX Street contains multiplayer to compete against players worldwide in real-time multiplayer races.


CarX Street has stunning graphics in which the players feel like they are driving in real-world streets, almost similar to car highway racing.

Display Controls

CarX Street provides its players with a detailed version of display controls rather than CarX highway racing, which is very simple and understandable for the players, especially the new players, so that they can enjoy the game.

Total Cars

CarX provides 61 types of racing cars, in which most are supercars. You can use the car according to its performance, appearance, and specifications

Game modes

CarX Street offers players different gaming modes, including multiplayer, drift, career, endless, time trial, and many more.

Drift Challenges

Drift Challenges is a unique part of CarX street. CarX Street has many different drift Challenges that immerse the players and make them experts in drifting.

CarX highway racing features

Realistic Graphics

CarX highway racing has enchanting graphics that consistently engage the players with the game. It has 3D graphics with various licensed cars in which you feel like you sit in a real car seat and enjoy high-speed racing on highways.

Wide Car Selection

CarX highway racing has a wide range of cars. You can use missions, unlock the cars, including supercars and sports cars, and customize your cars according to your desire.

Endless Highways

You can also enjoy endless racing by exploring the vast racing highways with different weather and environmental conditions, such as days and nights.

Tuning and Upgrades

You can improve and modify the performance of your car to match racing standards. You can also tune your engine, brakes, suspension, and tires. You can upgrade your cars for different racing tracks and highways.

Competitive Racing

You can also test your skills by competing with other real players and AI in different game modes, challenges, time trials, and police chases.

Display Controls

CarX highway racing offers very simple and understandable display controls for the players, which is very helpful for new players so they can easily play the game.


CarX highway racing provides aesthetic color combinations, making the interior more attractive for the players. It is almost the same as CarX Street.

Multiplayer and social interaction

Carx highway racing provides outstanding multiplayer, which makes the players more social. Players begin social interaction with each other throughout the world. These players are available every time.

Pros and Cons of the Carx street vs Carx highway Racing

Pros and Cons of the CarX street


Reality-based dynamic environments and attractive graphics.

Vast variety of cars and also includes the customization option.

Full package of highway adventures.

Simplest display controls


Require app purchase without mode APK

Limited urban environments

Pros and Cons of Car highway Racing


Engaging street-racing experience.

More drifting challenges.

3D graphics with story mode.

Wide variety of cars .


CarX street has a chaos of city streets, which may not appeal to everyone.

How to download and play Carx Street vs Carx Highway Racing 

Playing CarX street:

  1. Download or install the game.
  2. Available on IOS and Android.
  3. Download the game from the link.
  4. Install the game on your device.
  5. Install the mode apk to access money and unlock the cars.
  6. Create your account and sign in.
  7. Select your desired street car and customize it.
  8. Choose a game mode.
  9. Navigate the urban jungle, drifting through corners and staying away from hurdles.
  10. Immerse in the story mode and play the game with real players around the world through the multiplayer.

Playing CarX highway racing

  1. Download and install the game.
  2. On IOS and Android.
  3. Start the game. 
  4. Install the mode APK and OBB data to unlock new features. 
  5. Choose your game mode from the main menu.
  6. Choose your car and customize it.
  7. Start racing.
  8. Navigate through the traffic and race against the competitors on the highway.
  9. Properly engage with controls and perfect your drifting skills to win the race.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can play both games offline by installing them. It is in your device from play Store and App Store.

Yes, these provide controller Support. Provide simple Display controls for the Players.

Final words

CarX street and carx highway racing both have aesthetic features to immerse the players. Both provide 3D graphics and a Wonder 2 full-quality sound. CarX Street has 61 types of cars, whereas CarX highway racing offers 47 cars, including sports cars and supercars. If you want to enjoy street racing, you can prefer CarX street, and if you play high-speed racing, you can prefer CarX highway racing. It depends on which one you prefer.

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