Top 5 racing games for Android 2024


Have you ever wondered about our top racing games for android? But now, we’re introducing top racing games for Android. I am sure that you want to know about it. These games are gaining popularity day by day. For that reason, we felt the need to talk about these games. These games are extremely popular, and players are attracted to them. If you didn’t even play these games, you have to play these games. Do you know? Good Racing games for android 2024.


The names of these are given below:

  1. CarX Street
  2. CarX Rally
  3. CarX Highway Racing
  4. CarX Drift Racing
  5. CarX Drift Racing 2

We’ll explain these games shortly. Also, their Download links are given below

Keys features of Top racing games for Android

CarX Street

CarX Street game is the one that will make the players enjoy it. It is a game in which players can feel a realistic environment. They can participate in any mode and may enjoy the game. They can buy the resources of their liking. They can race with their friends and family. They can also customize their best cars in the form that they want. They can purchase the premium deals and may feel more excitement. Latest version of carx Street mod apk is available for enjoying all premium features, unlimited money, unlocking all Cars and its customization features, and much more. Carx Street is one of the top racing games for android that are played on Android.

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CarX Street Gameplay 0 2 screenshot

Some main features:                    

  • Car Customization:  As we previously discussed, this game provides you with an amazing feature by which you can customize your car according to your favor.
  • Amazing Graphics: As we previously discussed, this game provides a feature by which you can feel a realistic environment in every gameplay.
  • Clubs: From this feature, you can join clubs of friends or family. And also, can have fun in clubs.
  • Multiplayer Mode: This feature allows you to play more than one player in a game. And you can add your friends to play with them.

CarX Rally: 

It is another exciting game you haven’t played. It will provide you with some unlocked stages of different environments and difficulties. You have to play this game to become a legend of rally racing. During playing, you’ll feel that you’re driving for the WRC. This game will provide you with everything openly and without a hitch. We’re describing some of its main features below:

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CarX Rally last stage in S license in holiday 0 40 screenshot
  • Night Driving: You can play at night in the game without any hardship as you’ll not face any obstacles in night mode.
  • Different Surfaces & views: You can play on different surfaces like Dirt, Snow, Mud, etc., giving you a realistic feeling of driving. Also, this game provides you with different views like First person or Third person view, chase view, rearview mirror views, etc, which attract racing lovers to the game.
  • Pace Notes:  This feature will provide you with many particular pace notes that will help you play carefully during the game, like cautions, jumps, brakes, etc.
  • Car Upgrades & Repairs: Car free upgrades will be provided to players regularly, which will keep players with the game. Also, car repairs will be provided to players so they can repair their cars as they want.
  • Championships:You can participate and beat your enemies by winning the championship. It will add to your rank and due to this reason, you’ll gain popularity.

CarX Highway Racing

It is one of those exciting games that every racing lover wants. While playing this game, you’ll become a legend of busy highways. It represents a lot of amazing cars with excellent realistic graphics. More info and some main features of top racing games for Android have been given below:

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CarX Highway Racing Gameplay Walkthrough part 1iOS Android 0 22 screenshot
  • Intense Highway Racing: The main feature of this game is highway racing. While playing the highway racing, the players feel a realistic environment that will enhance their driving abilities. Among the above games, this is the most popular game and the choice of many gamers.
  • Extraordinary concept of customization: This game will provide you with an exciting customization process of cars that players can customize according to their favor or likes, and this feature will prove valuable for attracting race lovers to this game.
  • High-sensitive controls: The highway path may be dangerous for the new players, but depending upon the preference of players, this game is very easy. It provides highly sensitive controls so every carX player can play this game easily.
  • Daily Challenges:  This game will provide you with exotic events and daily challenges that attract the new and all players of carX street games towards this game. The challenges and exotic events would improve their playing abilities and give them game resources like cars, money, etc.
  • Graphics: Like all the CarX Street games, this game also represents highly exciting graphics. These realistic graphics provide you with a realistic environment.

CarX Drift Racing

We are introducing this game with a most exciting drifting feature. By playing this game, the player would change their path slowly and gradually, which will be why they play. It is the most popular game due to its drifting feature. The players can play this game with joy. More influence the main features are given below:

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CarX Drift Racing 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1🔥iOSAndroid 0 59 screenshot
  • Realistic Driving Physics: This game also provides you with a realistic physics engine so that the players can feel a realistic environment in this game. Therefore, through drifting, the player feels full of joy during playing.
  • Detailed Customization and Tuning of Car Parameters: This game provides detailed customization and tuning of car parameters that you can customize according to your wishes.
  • Many racing tracks: This game includes many cities and racing track locations that you can enjoy in every mode.
  • Online rooms and competitions: In this game, you can create online rooms and join competitions to enhance your playing abilities.
  • New Graphics: We have enhanced the graphics of this game so that the players can enjoy it to their fill.

CarX Drift Racing 2

After watching the system requirements of this game, we’re introducing its 2nd version. Which is “CarX Drift Racing 2”. This game would fulfill all of the expectations of our players. We’ve fixed all the issues, and players can play this game joyfully. Now, we’re providing premium subscriptions and daily rewards for our premium players. We’re sure players will enjoy this game and be thankful to us. Some main features one of top racing games for android are given below:

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CarX Drift Racing 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1🔥iOSAndroid 17 28 screenshot
  • Club Racing: You can create clubs, join other clubs, race with friends or family, etc.
  • Tandem Drifting: The amazing feature of this game is tandem drifting. The players can follow this type of drifting and can enjoy the game. This feature is enough to attract players to the game.
  • Driving Modes: many amazing and exciting driving modes have been provided in this game that the players can enjoy all the modes, like day or night time, weather like rain, snow or storm etc.
  • Multiplayer: You can add friends or family members to your game and play with them.
  • Online Rooms: You can create your own online room or can join other’s rooms.
  • Fully Customizable Cars: All types of customization have been given in this game. The players can customize their cars according to their liking.
  • Online Competitions & Leaderboard: You can participate in every competition easily. With the help of a leaderboard you can watch your score daily and see your friends’ score.


You can read all the important points of the top racing games for Android, which we previously described above. By taking the overview of all the games, you want to try one of those games once on your mobile. You must be tired of playing some poor racing games and want to play an amazing and exciting game. As we previously told, we developed these games due to the demands of our beloved players. And we’ll not stop developing these games. Now, I recommend.

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