CarX Street vs. Real Racing 3 full comparison

CarX Street vs. Real Racing 3: Real Racing 3 is a popular racing game available on Android, meaning that all touch devices or smartphones have this game. Real Racing 3 is attractive, especially for those interested in racing games. Real Racing 3 is an expensive game; initially, it was downloaded, and racing was free, but as time passed, its payment system started using its payment method. Most players switch games. On the other hand, CarX Street is readily available on iOS and Android without any payment, is accessible to the players, and is more famous than Real Racing 3.

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Feature Comparison of CarX Street vs. Real Racing 3

1) Mobile Racing Experience

Real Racing 3 offers new levels that are not usually achieved by mobile racing games, whereas CarX Street pro has a set of outstanding standards that provide a beautiful mobile racing experience, which is only offered by Carx Street.

2) Realism

Real Racing 3 provides a real-world racing experience as well as real-world racing tracks, whereas CarX Street has a realistic environment; you can feel you are driving in the real-world streets; it includes real rain, days and nights, and so on.

3) CarX Street vs. Real Racing 3 Variety of Cars

Real Racing 3 offers more than 250 cars and various car tracks, whereas CarX Street provides a wide variety of vehicles that are licensed from real-world manufacturers and have multiple racing tracks for racing on a real-world street.

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4) Single-player and multi-player modes

Real Racing 3 also provides a single-player mode for its players and multiplayer modes for playing the game with family and friends. In contrast, CarX Street has the best multiplayer, where the player can play the game with other players worldwide and become a social person. These players are available whenever you want to play.

5) Regular Updates

Real Racing 3 offers its players regular updates, which means that it consistently provides new features, cars, racing tracks, and many other new features to frequently engage the player with the game, and the updates make the game more exciting and challenging, whereas CarX Street has already provided updated features, which include wondering graphics, supercars, sports cars, new street racing tracks, and customization features.

6) Responsive Development

Fire monkey Studios develops Real Racing 3. The developers of the game are very responsive for the players, which means that they can concentrate on the player’s feedback, and if any problem occurs in the game, the developers try to eliminate the problem and improve the game as soon as possible, whereas CarX Street developers are more responsive than Real Racing 3. When any players give any feedback or recommendations, they must follow the recommendations, which makes the player more immersed in the game.

7) Customization

Real Racing 3 offers a customization feature but could be better. The variety of cars is also limited, but CarX Street provides a customization feature for the players. Players can customize their vehicles and character’s appearances according to their desires.

8)Fast Travel

Real Racing 3 is a fast travel game that provides the players with fast racing on a real-world environment, whereas CarX Street is a free-roaming game in which you can play on a mountain.


In the end, we can see that both CarX Street and Real Racing 3 are significant racing games compared to others. Both have outstanding features to attract players and immerse them consistently in the game. If you are a regular player and you want to enjoy the thrill and adventure, these games, we highly recommend utilizing your spare time and enjoying your life with racing masterpieces like them.

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