Best Multiplayer Racing Games for Android/PC


Racing Games are already a full package of fun and enjoyment. Still, if the game plays against competitive players, it becomes more fantastic, and now we introduced our most interesting category of game, the best Multiplayer Racing Games. It is also available on Androids, IOS, and Pc. It contains racing cars with outstanding features and wonderful graphics. The Player enjoyed the game because you can play anytime. The players are available every time. If you want to enjoy with friends, you can download these games from Official website Play store, there is a variety of games mentioned below:

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best multiplayer racing games

CarX Street

CarX Street is an open-world game. CarX Street is very famous as the best multiplayer racing games. The multiplayer of the game makes the game more-cooler for the players and makes the player a social person as the player is connected with the players outside the country. CarX Street is an amazing racing game, but it becomes the coolest when it plays with amazing multiplayer. if you play its modded version then go to carx street mod apk.

CarX Street Official Christmas 1.2.0 Update Trailer 0 35 screenshot

SUP Multiplayer the best Multiplayer Racing Games

SUP is also the best multiplayer racing game, which has hectic races to enjoy; you either play with competitors around the world or play with your friends. During the game, you can jump over the competitors to defeat them. The game also has outstanding graphics along with amazing multiplayer because by using the multiplayer, players interact with the players throughout the world.

SUP Multiplayer Racing Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 iOS Android 0 10 screenshot

Traffic Tour 

Traffic Tour is also an excellent/best multiplayer racing game that not only has wonderful multiplayer but also provides a customization feature for the players, especially those who have a craze for racing games; you can customize your vehicle according to your desire, and you can enjoy the calm ride around the world with the different weather conditions and traffic. It is a very simple game to play with your family and friends.

Traffic Tour Who laughs first Cries in the end 0 8 screenshot

Boom kart multiplayer racing game

Boom cart is similar to the Mario Kart Racing 2, mentioned in the previous article (Good Racing Games for android). In the boom-kart racing game, you can get behind your wheel to defeat your competitors to win the race. Boom kart has a wonderful feature in which you can set your character’s appearance according to your wish. It has an aesthetic car with quick features to unlock and a mystery box as a reward to win the game’s missions against your opponents.

Boom Karts Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Tutorial iOS Android 0 26 screenshot

Battle Racing Stars

Battle Racing Stars is an excellent game with quick and hectic races. It is a full package of adventures, epic missions, and rewards for players to utilize the character’s abilities to win the competition. It is very easy to play. It helps the players to improve their racing powers and skills. It has various game modes such as Quick Play, UFO Apocalypse, Auto Boost, flappy Bomb, Portal Mania, and more.

Battle Racing Stars Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Tutorial iOS Android 0 30 screenshot

Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a bus-driving game where you drive a bus full of passengers in the different cities of Indonesia. Bus Simulator Indonesia has various cameras, such as a Cabin view, a bird’s-eye view, or a fixed camera. It has two modes: one in which you can play as a single player and the second in which you choose a city or bus to drive freely. In the first mode, you can complete your routes to earn money and unlock new buses. Bus Simulator Indonesia is a 3D game in which driving buses is like driving in the streets of Indonesia.

Bus Kids Panda ke Malioboro Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid 0 16 screenshot

Ludoo king 

Ludo King is the easiest game you can play on your mobile phone. It is also available on IOS, Androids, and Microsoft Windows Platforms. It is a board game that is easy to play for children and adults. Ludoo consists of a square board with four different color corners. Each color has a set of playing pieces. It has one die that is used to judge the movements of playing pieces.2 to 4 players can easily play the game.

ludo king new update 0 2 screenshot

Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is like giving a new life to the mobile racing category. You can own and upgrade new super coop cars and collect custom classics, as well as customize your dream car. You can also avail the world’s best racing drivers and own licensed cars. It gives you a better experience of driving. Are you willing for comparison between two best games.

Halloween 2021 Rebel Racing 0 13 screenshot

Real Bike Racing 

Real Bike Racing Games are especially played to improve the bike racing skills of the players; the players who are interested in bike racing typically play the real Bike Racing Game. All the bikes and sounds of real Bike racing are taken from the real motorcycles. It has the latest modes of bike racing with 3D multiplayer. You can play real Bike Racing games with incredible racers and with new actions of traffic. It takes the wheel of more than 10 types of unique superbikes. It has realistic 3D graphics. If you want to become an expert in bike racing, you have to play Real Bike Racing.

Real Bike Racing Gameplay Android game motorcycle racing game 0 23 screenshot

Mini Racing Adventures

Mini Racing Adventures is a stunt racing game with various challenges and missions to unlock the 65 vehicles of the game to win the adventures. In mini racing adventures, you can select your racing car, motorbike, and even truck to climb the racing tracks, mountains, and hills. It has real-time online multiplayer as well as offline best multiplayer racing games. It is a 3D racing game with outstanding graphics.

Mini Racing Adventures Official Trailer 0 15 screenshot


All these games are the best multiplayer racing games for players who want to learn real driving and racing skills and become expert players. All games have excellent multiplayer, which increases its favoritism among the players. All the games have customization facilities for the players in which you can customize your vehicle and customize your character’s appearance according to you. You guys should play the game if you want to enjoy the racing.

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