Full Comparison of CarX street vs. CarX drift racing 2

Carx Street vs. Carx Drift Racing 2 are the most attractive racing games among the young generation, enchanting the players with pragmatic features. These two games are very adored games founded by the same technologies or the same developer, Carx Technology L.L.C.

Both games serve high-speed racing. Offers multiple missions to gain the rewards and racing tracks. Carx Street focuses on traditional racing, whereas Carx Drift focuses on drifting. If you want to know more about Carx Street or its modded vresion Carx street Mod Apk then must read it.

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Features of CarX Street Vs. CarX Drift Racing 2


Carx Street vs.Carx Drift Racing 2 describe two different generations of racing games. Carx Street involves more and more rivalries to make a player champion in racing, whereas Carx Drift gives attention to climbing and tricking.


Carx Street provides a variety of cars and customization facilities to make the performance and appearance better, whereas Carx Drift Racing 2 focuses on drifting and engaging the players on different challenges to gain rewards, such as game trials and unlocking the game tracks.


Carx Street and Carx Drift Racing 2 contain outstanding and charming graphics. Carx Street provides detailed and transparent features such as mountains, rain, streets, and colors. Carx drift racing 2 refers to the natural features such as environmental things and weather conditions. At the same time.


The Carx street game contains reality-based physics. The physics of the Carx street racing makes the player more expert and strong in racing, and the following characteristics in which the player has to be expert are the braking system of the car and how to take care of the corners during the game. Carx Drift Racing 2 also involves reality-based physics, which makes the player an expert in drifting, in which the player enjoys more challenges and gains various benefits and rewards. The game contains excellent features. Each feature plays an aesthetic role in the game. The players should know about the following characteristics such as speed and time of the Car.


Both games have wonderful soundtracks that engage the player with the game. CarX street racing r34 makes 787 horsepower and r34 of CarX drift racing 2 makes 620 horsepower. Both games contain different generations of soundtracks like rock or hip-hop.


The multiplayer of the game makes the game more interesting for the players. CarX street multiplayer makes the player a social person as it is all about the social interaction between the players of the game, connecting the players and increasing the competition between them. CarX Drift Racing 2 has outstanding multiplayer, which dictates the players to compete with each other in real time. The game uses the leaderboard to rank the progress of the player.


Both games have a variety of Cars. Carx Street contains all types of cars; Carx Street uses every design or style of car, such as supercars or muscle cars; on the other hand, Carx Drift Racing 2 usually gives attention to drifting, so Carx Drift mostly uses racing cars for drifting.


Customization plays a major role in both Carx Street vs. Carx Drift Racing 2.Carx Street provides various benefits for the players in terms of car Appearance, Performance, and other characteristics of the car like wheels, speed, and colour of the car. On the other hand, Carx Drift Racing 2 provides the customization of drifting as it customizes the features that improve the drifting performance and make the drifting speed better.

Multiple Racing Modes

Both games consist of multiple racing modes, which include.

  1. Drift mode
  2. Police mode
  3. Ghost mode
  4. Career mode
  5. Multiplayer mode
  6. Time attack mode
  7. Racing Mode

40+Notch Cars

Carx Street has more than 40 Notch Cars and many other different vehicles, whereas Carx Drift Racing 2 usually has different racing cars for drifting.

Comparison Table CarX Street Vs. CarX Drift Racing 2

FeatureCarX StreetCarX Drift Racing 2
GenreCarx Street focuses on street racing.Carx drift Racing 2 focuses on drifting.
Variety of carsCarx Street has a 40+ Notch variety of cars.Carx Drift usually has racing Cars.
Sound-trackCarx Street has a soundtrack of r34 787 horsepower.Carx drift racing 2 has a soundtrack of r34 620 horsepower.
CustomizingCarx Street customizes the car’s Appearance, such as color, speed, and other features.Carx Drift racing 2 customizes the drifting features in the car for better drifting.
PricingCarx Street is free to play.Carx Drift Racing 2 is also free to play.
GraphicsCarx Street games’ look and feel are based on modern graphics.Carx Drift Racing 2 look and feel are based on realistic graphics.
CarX Street vs. CarX Drift Racing 2 Comparison

Strengths and Weakness Comparison

Strengths and Weakness Comparison

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

The best drifting cars in Carx Drift Racing 2 for beginners, The AE86-Hachi Roku and Lada 2105-VZ 210. is the best car for Drifting in Carx Drifting Racing 2.

Carx is a wonderful package of enjoyment for the players as it consists of reality-based visuals and graphics that engage the player’s customization facility and also interesting challenges and rewards to unlock new cars and tracks that make the game more interesting.

CarX Street is an open-world game as we easily access the game. The game is easily available and the players freely enjoy the realistic races in the streets. You have the freedom to enjoy the weather conditions, rains, and sunsets of the game.


CarX Street and CarX Drift Racing 2 are both very beloved games; both have interesting features such as mind-blowing graphics, realistic physics, customization, and many more. I also played the game and had a wonderful experience. I recommend you to play the game.

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