CarX Street vs Asphalt 9 The Legend Gameplay Comparison


While considering the ratings of our games, we acknowledged these two games. Therefore, we decided to compare CarX Street vs Asphalt 9 : The Legend. As you know, both are the most popular, exciting, and highly recommended games. We’ve seen that you’re having trouble choosing the right game. Therefore, we did this. So, you’ll be able to find differences between them.

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Gameplay Style of CarX Street vs Asphalt 9 : The Legend

CarX Street

CarX Street is a municipal game where players can race around the given map. Through races, they’ll earn money. Through which they can buy new cars or their resources. They can also improve their resources. Also, you can invite your friends online and can play with them.

Asphalt 9 The Legend

While Asphalt 9: The Legend game is the same as all the asphalt games are. Previously, there were 48 cars, but now it has improved to 52. Other describable features have been elaborated below.

Features & Tools

Realistic Urban Racing Experience

The CarX Street game will provide realistic gameplay. So, you’ll feel like you’re driving. Also, it will enhance your driving abilities. While, the other game won’t have much realistic gameplay.

Extensive Car Collection

The CarX Street will provide a wide range of cars that you must like. You can also individualize your cars as you want. On the other hand, “Asphalt 9: The Legends” will precisely provide you with cars of several brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Gallardo, McLaren, etc.

Online Multiplayer

In the CarX Street game, players worldwide can join a race. On the other hand, the asphalt 9 can support up to 8 players in a free online gameplay and can support up to 4 players in a local gameplay.

Customization Options

In both games, you have various customization options. So, you can customize your car according to your style.

Various Game Modes

There are several game modes in both games as the players can do challenges, and other modes are career, daily events, and regular updates. 

High-Quality Graphics

In CarX Street, wander in the glimmering streets of Sun City. The Asphalt 9, the players have stunning graphics that will make them feel realistic during the gameplay. 

Dynamic Sound Effects

Both games emerge with extreme sound effects that the players will feel in a realistic environment.

Dynamic Weather Conditions

In both games, weather conditions are provided, like sunny, foggy, or rainy, etc. It will affect driving.

How to play CarX Street vs Asphalt 9 : The Legend

  1. Download & Install: First of all, you have to search both of these games. Download and install these games.
  2. Launch the game: You have to open and launch the game on your phone.
  3. Tutorial & Gameplay: Thirdly, you have to observe the tutorial given by both of these games. Observe the gameplay.
  4. Start Racing: Eventually, you must choose the mode you want to play and start the race. 

Pros & cons of CarX Street vs Asphalt 9 : The Legend

Pros & cons of CarX Street:


Realistic environment is provided in various modes of this game.

It has a substantial car collection with several customization options.

Multiple players can play online at a time.


As compared to other exciting racing games, it has a constrained car collection.

Not enough players can play at a time.

Pros & cons of Asphalt 9: The Legend:


It has provided high-quality graphics with incredible sound effects.

A wide range of luxury cars of eminent brands are provided.

For more extensive challenges, dynamic weather conditions are provided.


The beginners may face difficulties.

As compared to other exciting racing games, it has a constrained car collection.


In the end, CarX Street vs Asphalt 9 both are very challenging and exciting. Both games have a specific role in the hearts of those who chose them. The CarX Street game is an urban racing game in which one or more players play together worldwide. The game is provided with realistic graphics which enhances the driving abilities of the players. On the other hand, Asphalt 9: The Legend is a high-speed racing game in which luxury cars of renowned brands and several customization options are provided. Now, the players will be able to comparison between these games. Let the journey begin!

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