CarX Street vs Car Parking Multiplayer Detailed comparison

The racing games are famous because of 2 big and popular games, CarX Street vs Car Parking Multiplayer. Both have outstanding features, gameplay, graphics, physics, a wide range of cars, and various racing modes.

Carx Street Vs Car Parking multiplayer

If we see the top reviews of games as a comparison, carX is a powerhouse of racing games for Androids, whereas Car Parking multiplayer makes you a social person with its multiplayer. You can play carx street on IOS and also car parking multiplayer.

Both games CarX Street vs Car Parking multiplayer give you the best racing experience and make you an expert in racing. Both games are now available on Androids. Now, we are discussing the comparison features of both games in detail.

Gameplay of CarX Street vs Car Parking multiplayer

CarX street racing is usually a street racing game, which means that it is an open-world game, whereas Car Parking multiplayer focuses on driving and parking challenges.

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Key Features of the Games

CarX Street vs Car Parking Multiplayer has multiple features that attract players and provide the coolest racing experience. The following features are discussed below:

Crash Physics

CarX Street Racing has a reality-based and engaging crash physics that properly engages the player with the game. In contrast, Car Parking multiplayer crash physics is also enough for parking challenges. It is not competent against the carX street and usually does not have the dynamic environment as carX street.


CarX Street has engaging and realistic graphics. You feel like you are in the game. It has various lifelike car models and impressive visuals that attract the players to engage with the game. In contrast, Car Parking multiplayer contains a stunning crafted urban environment with customizable graphics and various filters according to your liking and disliking.


The sound system of the games really matters. It increases the player’s interest in racing and engages the player with the game. Both games have an extraordinary sound system and noises like the real-world cars. However, the CarX street has an outstanding sound system during the car drifting, which makes the player more excited to play the game.

Gas system

CarX Street has a huge sound system, which means that CarX Street has three types of Gas, which increases the stability of the car and also adds a strategic element to the game, whereas Car Parking multiplayer has a gas system that is automatically filled when the driver stops the car at the gas station.


The most difficult task in the game is the selection of cars because both games have a wide variety of cars. Car Parking multiplayer has a variety of real-world cars licensed by real car manufacturers that are well-modeled. In contrast, CarX Street usually focuses on performance-oriented cars because the performance of the cars is more important than the appearance. The best performance of the game’s vehicle immerses the player in high-speed racing.


CarX Street is a popular racing game because of its customization features. You can customize your car as you like, and you can also change or improve the different aspects of the car according to you, such as headlights, mirrors, etc. On the other hand, Car Parking multiplayer has less customization facility than CarX Street, and it is usually focused on real-world car designs.

Drone mode

CarX Street has one of the most aesthetic features, called Drone mode, which offers the player the facility of capturing their aerial footage during the race and sharing it with other players, family and friends. On the other hand, Car Parking multiplayer does not have drone mode.

Game modes

Both games have various interesting and challenging game modes. CarX Street usually has three game modes, which are thrilling and give the player a wonderful drifting experience, whereas Car Parking multiplayer has almost six different gaming modes, which include classic parking, multiplayer, and free-roam mode.


The feature maps are now available in both games. It makes the racing mission easiest for the players. You can easily check all the game locations and travel all over the world. Maps help you understand your target mission and how much time is needed to reach your position.


Both games have multiple game levels. CarX Street has more than 30 levels, which contain many benefits, rewards as well as challenges, and unlimited money used to unlock different cars and missions, whereas Car Parking multiplayer also has a wide variety of levels to play.


Both games have multiple racing tracks to play with your family, friends, and other players. You can easily play the game for free and without any restrictions.

  • Parking tracks: CarX Street and Car parking multiplayer have multiple parking tracks where players can easily park their cars in any situation. It gives the player the experience of parking in the game if they are stuck in any worse situation and how to park the car correctly.

Pros and Cons of CarX Street vs Car Parking Multiplayer

Pros and Cons of CarX Street:


CarX Street is an open-world game with various cars, customization, different rewards, and challenges.

Awesome selection of real sports cars

Provide quality graphics and sound system.


App purchases can be expensive

Premium model with aggressive monetization. Repetitive gameplay in the long run.

Pros and Cons of Car Parking Multiplayer:


limited capacity

Safety concerns


3D Driving Simulator

Real-life parking and driving challenges

Personal Experience

According to my experience, both games are wonderful and attractive and properly engage the player with the game. CarX Street mostly focuses on street racing and provides thrilling racing tracks with many mind-blowing adventures; the Car Parking multiplayer usually focuses on parking and social features that connect the player with a community of people.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Both games are racing games with cars, but the intentions of both games are different. One is a street racing game, and the other is a parking multiplayer.

yes, you can play against other players in both games.

It contains 883.92 MB. It is a racing game with parking multiplayer.


In conclusion, CarX Street vs Car Parking multiplayer is the coolest mobile racing game. Both have aesthetic racing features to engage the players. Both offer various rewards and thrilling challenges to win the missions, unlock your favorite vehicle, various game modes, and many more.

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